How to Get Your License After the Learners Test in Victoria: Expert Advice from the Department of Transport and Main Roads

The Department of Transport offers some important advice to aspiring drivers who just passed their learners test and are looking to earn a proper driver’s license.

So, you’ve just passed your learners test in Victoria. Congratulations! You’re a step closer to achieving that coveted driver’s license. The only thing standing in your way is completing your practice driver’s logbook and the actual driver’s exam. But wait, you also forget one thing — complacency.

According to a recent survey, almost a third of new or aspiring drivers feel complacent after passing the learners’ test. Unfortunately, they tend to flunk the next crucial steps because of this level of confidence and end up derailing their chances of getting their license.

“Delaying your chances of getting your license will reduce the chance of you getting it in the first place,” says Sam Hutchinson of The Department of Transport and Main Roads have also noticed the issue, which is why they share two important advances that every aspiring driver should know.

NEVER Fake Your Driving Hours 

Once you pass your learners test in Victoria, the next thing you need to do is complete your driver’s logbook. After that, the state requires you to complete at least 100 hours of supervised practice driving. Afterwards, you will be eligible to take the drivers’ exam. 

Unfortunately, a lot of students tend to fake the hours that they place in their logbook. Please avoid doing so as the Department of Transport and Main Roads can identify if your driving hours were manipulated. If they determine that you faked your practice driving hours, they will return your logbook and require you to re-complete your logbook. That means you’ll need to do the entire process all over again. To avoid this from happening, make sure you log only legitimate driving hours. Be honest and practise as much as you can.

If you really want to speed up the entire process, enrol in a driving school and get supervised driving from a driving instructor. An hour’s worth of driving with a certified instructor is equivalent to 3 hours on your logbook.

Don’t Be Discouraged When You Fail

Failing the drivers’ exam doesn’t define who you are. Just because you failed doesn’t mean you’re a bad driver. There are a lot of factors that go into an exam. Of course, we all want to pass on our first attempt. But don’t forget that it’s also normal to fail a few times. As long as you don’t stop practising and improving your skill, you’ll eventually pass the exam and earn your driver’s license.

What’s important is that you don’t resort to wrong values just because you failed your test. Keep your head high and continue to follow good driving principles. 

Earning your driver’s license is one of the best feelings in the world. But if you lose track one bit, you’ll end up delaying the process and ultimately losing your chances of earning your license. So after passing your learners test, make sure you keep practising. Log the right amount of hours and hone your skills while you’re at it. You’ll eventually pass your driver’s exam and earn your much-deserved license. 

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